Friday, February 25, 2011

WEEK EIGHT: The Bronx Zoo

This past week was my birthday so I requested that we take a trip the Bronx Zoo.  I have wanted to go there for a long time and I thought Katelyn would really like it too!  Not all the animals were out because it is still too cold for some, but we got to see lots of birds, giraffes, lemurs, monkeys, gorillas, penguins, sea lions and Katelyn's least favorite - FROGS.    The first inside exhibit we went to had frogs and I was excited about this because I love frogs and Katelyn's nursery theme was frogs (which means she got lots of cute froggy things).   I think we may have traumatized her with the frogs since birth though, because the second we stepped over to look at the frogs she covered her eyes and kinda of cried and kept saying scared of frogs, scared of frogs.  OOPS!  Oh well, beside that incident,  she loved all the other animals, especially the Tucan and the giraffes, making my birthday complete :)


  1. That is so funny that Katelyn does not like frogs. Especially when her mother loves them so much.


    P.S. And I also remember her nursery with all of the frog related items.

  2. That's so cute! Frogs are an adorable thing to be scared of. :)