Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WEEK SEVENTEEN: Little musician

On Easter we went to my grandparents' house and my husband's aunt and uncle's house.  At both houses there were pianos and  Katelyn found her way to both.   She played what she felt was the music to her current favorite song, and she sang along too:   Yo ho ladies (really maties) aWAY, they'll be treasure and adventure toDAY, heave ho here we go together as a team, Jake and the neverland pirates and ME!  It was just so cute.  I wish I could just bottle up the moment forever!

WEEK SIXTEEN: Decorating eggs

I'm almost caught up!!
Week sixteen was right before Easter so we thought it would be fun to decorate Easter eggs.  When we were out grocery shopping the week before we found a pirate princess themed egg decorating kit.   We thought this was perfect because Katelyn LOVES pirates right now. She watches a show on Disney Junior on the weekends called Jake and the Neverland Pirates and she can't get enough!  She sings the songs and she loves Captain Hook and Mr. Smee ( or Mr. Snee as she likes to call him ). 
We had a great time decorating them with her and she was so proud of them when she was done!