Thursday, January 27, 2011


This week has been alot about snow and ice and DRIPPING Water!  This winter has given us the most snow we have had in  the 4 years we've been living in our house.  That means we have never had a problem with ice dams in the gutters until this year.   The icicles looked so pretty until one day water started pouring down around our living room bay window. AHHHhhhh!  We finally got it to stop by filling pantyhose with ice melt and sticking them all over the ice to create a place for the water to go instead of in our house (very snazzy looking too, ha ha).  Now I kinda freak out every time I see an icicle forming, but at least it makes for a pretty picture :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

WEEK THREE: Here come the terrible twos!

Wow, this week's photograph has been a very hard one to take.  Here is what happened this week:  Katelyn has been 2 for about a month and suddenly her attitude  has been changing.  She is constantly saying no, waving her little finger at us and even getting a little more aggressive.  I was also told that she recently has been put in the naughty spot a lot at daycare.  YIKES!! 
So I was trying to come up with a photo that captures her attitude change and was just not coming up with anything that was really working.  Then today I realized that it was because I was focusing too much on the negative, and decided to focus on something positive.     So instead I captured one of Katelyn's habits that makes me smile, checking her toes for lint!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WEEK TWO: Snow, Glorious snow!

This week has been all about snow. We got snow Friday and Saturday night and then today we got over 2 feet!
Katelyn, LOVES snow this year.  Last year was a different story though.  We bought her boots and a snow suit  for Christmas and when the first snow hit we dressed her up and  put her out in the snow.  All she did was look at us like we were the worst parents ever and then bawl her eyes out.  Not the fun in the snow we were expecting to have.  This year though,  is a totally different story.  New Years Eve we put her in her snowsuit  and she was thrilled to go out in the snow.  We went sledding and made  a Frosty ( she likes to call the snowmen this because she is obsessed with Frosty the snowman).  Saturday night when the snow was falling we went outside and she was trying to catch the snowflakes in her hands while looking up at it falling her face.   She would giggle every time a flake would hit her face!  It was such a magical moment.  Today we stuck her out in the snow and it was up to her shoulders and she just stood in it laughing.  It is wonderful to experience this innocent love of the snow and I can't wait to get her out it in it as much as I can this winter.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WEEK ONE: Ringing in the New Year with ginger ale!

Well, my goal was to start my 365 project January 1st!   Sounded great and I even took my first picture to post while me, my husband and daughter were all at a lovely New Years day brunch put on by some friends.  We hung out and ate yummy food while our daughter played with her friends and all the dogs.   All was happy.   Then later that night after my daughter was tucked into bed (around the time I had planned my first post) IT HIT!  A horrible feeling in my stomach,  the chills,  a fever and then throwing up every hour for at least 10 hours.  The worst I have felt in a super long time!!   At one point I was so light headed and weak that I actually fell down the stairs, scaring my husband half to death and giving myself some lovely bruises.  It was a great time that lasted until about 1pm the next day.  Finally when the throwing up ended I just felt exhausted and could barely move and had absolutely no desire to take a picture or post anything.   It was a good thing my husband was there, because I could not even think of taking care of my daughter.   
Finally Monday came around and I felt a little better  so a took a picture and then when I tried to open it on my computer I realized my photoshop elements was no longer installed!!  What the heck, I felt like my project was a lost cause.  Then I thought about it  and realized a lot of a people do a 52 week project, which is a least one photo a week for the whole year.  I decided that was more my speed especially the way the first few days of my project started out!!!!  So here goes!