Thursday, January 20, 2011

WEEK THREE: Here come the terrible twos!

Wow, this week's photograph has been a very hard one to take.  Here is what happened this week:  Katelyn has been 2 for about a month and suddenly her attitude  has been changing.  She is constantly saying no, waving her little finger at us and even getting a little more aggressive.  I was also told that she recently has been put in the naughty spot a lot at daycare.  YIKES!! 
So I was trying to come up with a photo that captures her attitude change and was just not coming up with anything that was really working.  Then today I realized that it was because I was focusing too much on the negative, and decided to focus on something positive.     So instead I captured one of Katelyn's habits that makes me smile, checking her toes for lint!


  1. Cute picture! The terrible twos are definitely not fun, but thankfully one day they will grow out of it. I'm following from the Busy Moms Team on Etsy. If you would like to follow me back, here's my blog:

  2. Hi Brenda, thanks for the reassurance and for following me! I will definitely follow back :)