Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WEEK TWELVE: Feeling Blah..

(So this post is a little late but I made sure the picture was still taken last week.  I had to use my husband's droid to take it so it's not quite what I really wanted, but it works!)
For week twelve Katelyn ended with what turned out to be an ear infection.  For 4 days her temp went up to almost 104 and then down and then up.   For 2 of those days my wonderful husband stayed home with her and the other 2 days were the weekend.   It is awful :(  Then me and my husband got sick too with what appear to be sinus infections.   It was a fun filled week twelve and that is why I feel so blah !!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

WEEK ELEVEN: Sock pukits (puppets)

Katelyn and I made sock puppets this week from a kit we got at Borders ( they are going out of business near me and having a great sale).  The kit was great, it had felt and googoo eyes ( another Katelyn pronunciation) pipe cleaners and of course socks!   We ended up making 4 -  a cow, pig, princess and bunny.   She loves them all and runs around pretending to be them.   I am so excited that she is getting old enough to make more crafts and enjoys doing it!  All my craft items that are taking up room, but I couldn't just throw out, are going to finally come in handy!!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

WEEK TEN: Precious sleep

More technical difficulties :( The past couple of Mondays I have gone to pick up Katelyn from daycare  to find out she has bitten one of two of the other kids.   Well if that doesn't give you a horrible, am I not a good parent feeling,  I don't know what will.  The first Monday it happened I took her home and me and my husband talked with her and told her biting hurts and that if she keeps doing it she may not be able to play with her friends at daycare.  We even told she should give kisses instead of biting ( which will probably turn her into the kissing girl in the future, as it runs in the family ) .   This seemed to work and the rest of the week went by with no problems.   Then this Monday came around and I went and picked Katelyn up and found out the same thing happened.  I know that around the age of 2 this can start happening, but I want it to stop!   I started thinking about it and realized that both Mondays came after long busy weekends in which she really didn't have naps and she  may have gone to bed later then usual too. She also does not nap well during the week which made me wonder if lack of sleep is causing her to lash out by biting.  Hmmmm, well even if that is not truly the case she is getting as much sleep as I can get out of her in hopes that she will return to her pleasant non biting self !

Sunday, March 6, 2011

WEEK NINE: Cuddle time

Due to some technical difficulties my post is a little late, but better than never :)
This week I got thinking about how precious cuddle time is with Katelyn, when she decided to snuggle up with Daddy on the couch.  It's not like it used to be when she would cuddle and fall asleep on you as baby.  Now you can only get a good cuddle out of her once in a great while. Most times she will cuddle for two seconds and then she's off doing something with her toys.  But every once in a while she will lay with you on the couch and cuddle under a blanket and it's the nicest feeling in the world!!